Invincible Vince, winner of multiple Kentucky Derbies!

(in his own mind!)

Invincible Vince

Having personal experience with many kinds and sizes of backsides in this world, and you know what I mean, it is only fitting to explain that my reference to the backside is NOT referring to the massive industry which prepares Thoroughbreds to race: the trainers, exercise riders, hot walkers, and grooms.  Used here, it refers to what happens when their racing careers are done, with personal commentary from the most famous racehorse of all, (in his own mind!), Invincible Vince, the multiple Ky. Derby winner, and winner of millions! It’s usually here where I remind him that if he’s earned millions of anything,  he be lucky to have it in pennies. Now you understand the kind of guy with whom I’m  dealing!

Undoubtedly scratching your heads and trying to recall the name, I have a few words of advice for you. Don’t Bother! The facts are that the world-famous Invincible Vince is a ten year old gelding who came to me from the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center, in Lexington, Ky, at the end of October. He immediately became a founding member of the good Ol’ Boys’ Liars Club, along with his new BFF, Fabian, a  Quarter Horse who thinks he’s a ladies’ man. He pretends to believe that Vince won the Ky. Derby two times, (or was it three?), and Vince pretends to believe that when the bored fillies line up at the fence as we ride by really are admiring Fabian’s great body. (Raised eyebrows and rolling eyes here!)

Now picture his human partner, me, a 50 something out-of-shape woman, who grew up riding, but always other people’s horses until, as a productive member of society, and some my even say as an adult,( but most won’t), moved to a small farm across the river from Louisville, and not only indulged herself in the joys of riding, but the thrill of a small quality Hanoverian breeding farm. That is until life changed and she found herself back in the city without the horses and the farm. Until October 2009, that is…

More to follow. That is, if you’re brave enough and easily entertained, and have an appreciation for the unusual sense of humor of the TBs!


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  1. Susanna on

    I know Vince. And, he is, indeed, invincible. He was stayed for a while at the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center where I am director and I heard a lot of his tales–about multiple Derby wins, several Triple Crowns, too. About his exploits in the Carribean–Captain Jack Sparrow was his protege–and about his setting the record for jumping an 8 foot Puissance Wall in DC, which is why, now that he has scaled those heights, he has given up jumping, forever. Oh, and he LOVES Gene Kelly movies which is why he is so good at dressage which he has taken up recently. I knew that Barb and Vince were made for each other when she recognized RIGHT AWAY that Vince NEVER lets the truth get in the way of a good story, that he is an endlessly entertaining raconteur, and that though he fancies himself a pirate,he wears his heart on his sleeve! Ask, Barb, she’ll show what I mean! Susanna

  2. rrivarr on

    Someone told me we should auction, and I promptly told her only HE knows where it’s hidden. I think I may tell him a very small white lie about both of us retiring from the proceeds… 😉

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