Life’s Intrusions- Part 1

Vince Speaks

It’s been a hard couple weeks for the three time Ky. Derby winner, The Big V. Pre-existing injury flare-ups and romance would certainly have brought a lesser horse to his knees. And the old axiom, “When Vince ain’t happy, no one’s happy”, still holds true.

Vince came to me complete with add-ons in the form of three screws in his ankle. His previous owner, who rescued him at CANTER- Ohio, said he had raced with them, but I’m somewhat suspicious of that since he was pulled up in his last race as a four year old. Anyway, filling in the blanks on my own, I suspect he was retired, then had surgery and was placed at CANTER. No matter, I was well aware of their existence when we partnered up.

About two weeks ago, I noticed a slight bit of “off-ness”, which I was able to pinpoint in the right front, the ankle with the old injury. He wasn’t dead lame, just not right. Thinking it might be an abscess waiting to break through, the vet took a look since he happened to be out there and promptly identified the ankle as the source of pain. By the way, it was my first face-to-face with the farm vet, and Ooh-la-la! Tall, thin, very handsome in a rugged kind of way, just my type, although Vince had the exact opposite take of him. I think he said something like, “Oh, s—! Here comes another guy carrying that same kind of smelly bag. Why, he better not come near me! Grrrr!!”, at which point Vince vaguely remembers a slight sting in his neck and awakening from a deep sleep to find his supposed partner, me, pulling his mane feverishly.

So the Vince-ster got a joint injection with a small amount of steroid and hyaluronic acid, and was put on a course of Adequan, all with my blessings. He’s my partner and I’m glad it’s something which is treatable, and the fact that my teen-age son is no longer attending private school, another epic tale on its own, makes it affordable.

On to romance! (I sure wish I had a few hearts with Cupid arrows to put in here.) Now Vince tells me he SWEARS that he did NOT hear the vet say this part- “You can turn him out later today, as long as he stays quiet for the next few days.” Spring was definitely in the air as well as in his step when I returned to the barn in a few hours to take off his small dressing and turn him out. Much to my surprise, he was already out although the bandage was still on.

I have to say here that there is nothing which warms my heart more than having my fine steed decide to show me the new games he’s learned from the evil, bad-influence Thunder Cloud, his new pasture buddy, a rabble-rouser if there ever was one! Actually, I think my heart got warmed from the steam coming from my ears as I tried to catch the “ailing” pony who was supposed to be “taking it easy”. Halt to gallop transitions, sliding stops, canter pirouettes- they were all in there as I spent about twenty minutes trying to get close enough to take off the dressing. For me, the crowning glory was when the Poor Pony tired and let me get about twenty feet from him, as he looked me in the eye and said, “Oh, it’s YOU!! Sorry!!!!! Thunder Cloud told me a gang of horse rustlers had come into the pasture to steal us and send us to Japan. He’s usually right about things like that.”

To be continued…


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  1. rrivarr on

    I need to learn to add in pics and edit my punctuation BEFORE I hit the “Publish” button. Sorry 😉

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