Life’s Intrusions- Part 2

Promises, promises- on to the good stuff!! Poor Suffering Pony found a cure for his sore foot, nothing from the vet, just a few mares across the lane from him. The injections evidently worked because from what I can see of the chestnut streak as he flies by, all legs appear to be in good working order. He has managed to set off the end of his pasture which faces the Girls, and is doing combination duty as a Romeo, and a sentry, keeping all those Bad Influence Boys from getting anywhere near the fence. His Girlfriend of the Moment evidently wants to be closer too. Although they loudly profess their love for each other, I wonder if she’s really ever seen Vince in all his glory, as the only part of her which has been facing Studley’s pasture is her back end, which she seems to be trying to wedge between the fence panels. He has a minor day of rest as his Beloved/Intended hitches a ride to Lexington, where rumor has it that a big wedding took place. As his partner, the job falls to me to break it to him gently. Mentally prepared for this sad task, I locate him with his buds, now calling to another chick across the fence. I’m gentle- Vince looks abashed when I bring up her name. He says he doesn’t know who she is, but there IS a cute girl right next door who he’d like me to meet…

Physically, he seems OK to me, tearing around on four legs andd sometime even five!



3 comments so far

  1. Laurie Bochner on

    Men! the are all alike 😉

  2. Kathy on

    This is great Barb! You are a really good writer!

    • rrivarr on

      Thanks, Kathy. Pretty entertaining retreading how naive I was back then about Vince, and how I didn’t know if Moserwood or Second was the name of the place. (And how Vince’s first spring turnout near the mares was one of those things that’ll never change!) have time, will update 😉

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