About Us

Off-track Thoroughbreds are funny. To bond with one, a sense of humor, grit, and sensitivity are mandatory. Oh, and did I leave out help and support from others who have been through it before? That’s probably the most important ingredient!

My partnership with the World’s Fastest Racehorse, as Vince likes to call himself when he thinks I’m out of hearing range, our trials and breakthroughs, our getting to know each other, and most of all our growing up, not just with each other, but within the world around us are all included in this true-life hilarious saga.

Included at no extra charge- commentary on the the facts of OTTBs, life, and other gems, from both Vince and me, Barb. We hope you’ll enjoy it and learn a little something every now and then. A humble thank you from the both of us…


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